Premium Rehabilitation Hospitals in Germany

Your Health. Our Pride.

Premium Rehabilitation Hospitals in Germany

Your Health. Our Pride.

Our Approach

Motivate and Activate

The primary goal of rehabilitation is for the patient to regain independence. After an injury or surgical intervention, many movements patients used to execute with ease are suddenly no longer possible. Patients wonder how they will be able to regain movement and quality of life. In this stressful situation, providing motivation is just as crucial as creating an atmosphere in which patients feel that they are in good hands and that their concerns and fears are taken seriously.

Specialized fields of treatment

At Medical Park, we ensure that every patient receives a range of different therapies in various medical fields. The aim is not only to regain capabilities as soon as possible but also to reduce pain. Our therapists work closely with doctors and nurses in an interdisciplinary team, since the only way to achieve success is through collaborative efforts. Constant motivation is the key to helping patients to find the courage and strength to work towards recovery. We offer physical therapy, occupational therapy, and neuropsychological and speech therapy geared to the individual needs of the patients. In addition to offering medical treatment to eliminate symptoms and pain as quickly as possible, we also focus on the patients‘ mental recovery and on strengthening their resilience.










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Medical Park Quality Management

Quality is Our Core Value

Medical Park focuses on a high level of patient satisfaction which is achieved through our Quality Management System. Medical Park rehabilitation hospitals are certified according to the criteria of DIN ISO 9001 and operate according to QMS REHA®. These certifications and standards stress our aim of a holistic approach to support a quick return of our patients to everyday life. Medical Park strives for the success of our treatments to be quantifiable. This is why our various departments have developed assessment parameters to measure and demonstrate our patients’ progress. The quality indicators ensure us a continuous improvement on our medical and therapy results and are useful for fostering the exchange of know-how within Medical Park hospitals. Apart from certifications, audits and our assessment tool, we continuously monitor client satisfaction by use of questionnaires. We ensure that essential patient feedback is incorporated into our processes to further develop our satisfaction rate. Reviewing our latest quality report 91% of our patients recommend us to others.

Quality Report 2022

"It was extremely important to me that the therapy targeted the coordination of the entire body – because there is hardly any type of sport as complex as skiing. Above anything else, I am taking away the training approach at Medical Park."

German professionel ski racer Thomas Dreßen about his stay at Medical Park St. Hubertus in Bad Wiessee.

Rehabilitation Hospitals

Finding the right Place for Your Recovery

Medical Park operates 14 rehabilitation hospitals in Germany, located close to Munich, Berlin and Frankfurt. Each rehabilitation hospital is a specialist facility for both postoperative recovery care and preventive treatments in the areas of orthopaedics, traumatology, sports medicine, neurology, pediatric neurology, internal medicine/cardiology, oncology and psychosomatic disorders.

At Medical Park our primary focus is to restore our patient’s health and enable a speedy recovery to everyday life. To help us achieve that goal, Medical Park invests in modern therapeutic technologies and has located its rehabilitation hospitals in the most beautiful areas in Germany. At Medical Park, we believe that modern therapy methods,  a beautiful surrounding and a comfortable hotel atmosphere will support the patient to relax and recover in the best possible way.



Medical Park Specialty Clinics


Am Kirschbaumhügel

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Am Kirschbaumhügel

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Bad Camberg

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Bad Feilnbach

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Bad Feilnbach

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Bad Rodach

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Klinik im Park

Bad Sassendorf

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St. Hubertus

Bad Wiessee

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Medical Park Rehab/Therapy Centers

St. Theresien


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Medical Park locations


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Prepare for Your Stay at our Clinics

Your inpatient treatment at our clinic may extend over several weeks and will include a variety of therapies and treatments. Here is a list that gives you an idea about what you may possibly need and wish to pack. For any additional items you may require during your stay there is always a wide selection of newspapers and magazines, sweets, clothing and other items for your everyday needs and also medical aids and a drugstore section to be found at our on-site Medical Park shops.

Medical Reports, Medication and Medical Devices
  • Current medical reports and referral letter
  • Current ECG and X-rays
  • Any currently required medication in sufficient quantity to cover your stay with us or a prescription
  • Any required medical aids (e. g. walker, wheelchair, splint, prosthesis, corset, support stockings, orthopaedic pillow)
  • Prescription glasses
  • Hearing aid
  • Everyday wear according to the season (you may also wish to go hiking)
  • Training/sports wear (for patients who require assistance getting dressed preferably without lining)
  • Gym shoes or sports shoes, indoor sports shoes
  • Bathing costume or trunks, bathing shoes und bathrobe
  • Large bath towel (other towels will be supplied by the clinic)
  • Comfortable low shoes and slippers
  • EC Card or Credit Card
  • Receipts evidencing any statutory patient contributions to medical costs already made at the hospital during the current year, or evidence of relevant exemption from such contributions, if applicable, please confirm with your health insurance
  • Completed patient questionnaire to be submitted to your clinic
  • You will receive the direct-dial telephone extension for your room on arrival
Your room will aready be supplied with
  • Towels
  • Hair dryer
  • Carry bag for therapy records
  • TV
  • Telephone
Accompanying Guests

Your friends, relatives and partners are very welcome at any time. To have a trusted person by one’s side is very helpful to many patients. During difficult times an accompanying person can improve well-being for the patient. Accompanying friends or relatives may wish to use our facilities during their stay in order to regain some health. Medical Park offers medical checkup or prevention programs. Feel free to contact us for further details.

Our Partners

Our Strong Network in the Health Sector

Medical Park believes in strong business-to-business relationships, always stressing the aim of providing patients with fair, transparent and customized rehabilitation treatment at their comfort. Medical Park ensures a transparent and cooperative relationship that ultimately puts the patients’ needs first.

Charité Berlin

Universität Leipzig

Sportwissenschaftliche Fakultät

TUM München

TH Rosenheim

Heimerer Schulen

Hochschule Niederrhein

Universität Salzburg

IFFB Sport- und Bewegungswissenschaft – Hallein

Berliner Schlaganfallallianz

Hochschule Fresenius München

Deutsche Gesellschaft für qualitätsgesicherte Trainingstherapie

Deutsches Herzzentrum München

FH Furtwangen

Pädagogische Hochschule Weingarten

- Bewegung und Ernährung - Weingarten

Lunex University

Physiotherapie - Luxemburg

Universiteit Hasselt

Campus Diepenbeek

Akademie der Gesundheit Berlin/Brandenburg e.V. / Buch


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