Medical Park Quality Management

Medical Park focuses on a high level of patient satisfaction which is achieved through our Quality Management System. Medical Park rehabilitation hospitals are certified according to the criteria of DIN ISO 9001 and operate according to QMS REHA®. These certifications and standards stress our aim of a holistic approach to support a quick return of our patients to everyday life. Medical Park strives for the success of our treatments to be quantifiable. This is why our various departments have developed assessment parameters to measure and demonstrate our patients’ progress. The quality indicators ensure us a continuous improvement on our medical and therapy results and are useful for fostering the exchange of know-how within Medical Park hospitals. Apart from certifications, audits and our assessment tool, we continuously monitor client satisfaction by use of questionnaires. We ensure that essential patient feedback is incorporated into our processes to further develop our satisfaction rate. Reviewing our latest quality report 91% of our patients recommend us to others!